Download Create Database Applications Freeware

Reporting Tools with Tcl  v.1.0

Tools and templates to easily create reporting applications based on client server architecture to present data from a database in an client GUI. The tools are completely written with Tcl as well as the client and server parts.

OfficeLine  v.1.0

OfficeLine is a php library and a project structure template. It will be used to create office applications in php similar as in ms access database with tables, forms and div. queries. The library is simple and stabile.

JDataForms  v.1.0

Java framework helipng to create database driven desktop based applications.

MS.Services  v.1.0

This code is another way to create SOA applications through HTTP. Can execute Database SPs, MSMQ, Assemblies, IronPython script and generates RSS, JSON, Web Service, Text or Excel file through HTTP. The system has authentication and logging support.

JVx - Enterprise Application Framework  v.1.1

Develop professional database applications, highly performant with little source code. JVx is a full-stack application framework to create multi tier applications with Single Sourcing for different technologies (Swing, QT Jambi, GWT, ...

B2XCore  v.1.0.0

A smart framework and extensions to create powerfull applications using .NET 2.0 or later (3.0, 3.5, 4.0 etc.) and C#. MS SQL 2000, 2005 and 2008 and soon MySql 5+ can be used as database but it's not required for small apps.

Moneiba Framework  v.1.0

Moneiba Framework allows to create desktop applications that use a database in few minutes.

DataFlex  v.2008

DataFlex is an advanced object-oriented 4GL designed for developing database applications in character mode environments. The integration of an object oriented language with a proven application framework enables you to quickly build reliable,

Pagos SpreadsheetWEB  v.1.6

Create Web applications and Web forms like online surveys, sign-up and registration forms, invoices, timesheets, and many other with SpreadsheetWEB. It is free. It is easy to use. Anyone with basic Excel spreadsheet skills can create professional

TMS IntraWeb iPhone Controls Pack  v.

TMS IntraWeb iPhone Controls Pack includes a set of IntraWeb components designed to enable you to create web applications for mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android. Includes: ยท TTIWIPhonePhoneLabel: Label starting iPhone dialer app

TAdvPanel & AdvPanelGroup  v.

TAdvPanel & TAdvPanelGroup are component which helps developers create interesting applications containing panels. Advanced Panel component with: BMP,JPG,GIF,WMF,EMF,ICO tiled,centered, stretched background, HTML formatted text & caption,

AeroSuite ActiveX Controls  v.

AeroSuite ActiveX Controls is a powerful development solution designed to enables users to quickly and easily create and customize professional applications. It gives you the ability to quickly create professional applications that have the latest

DotConnect for SQLite Standard Edition  v.1.00

An enhanced data provider for SQLite-based database applications development that offers both high performance native connectivity to the SQLite database and a number of innovative development tools and technologies.

Velneo vDevelop  v.6.4

Velneo vDevelop is a programming tool for developing management and database applications in a completely visual way in 32 bits multitask environments, developed initially for Windows. It uses the market's standards. Great VB/.Net alternative.

Polar Studio (free version)  v.6.35

Winning RAD Tool on the Rad Race 2004/2005! Create Web Applications. You can quickly develop an application without programming. No worries about 3-Tier Architecture, Webservices, Security, Role-based Access, Workfow and Deployment. It's Easy!

C# School Ebook  v.1.0

A 330 page e-book that takes you from the very basics of programming in C#, explaining object orientated programming techniques along the way, all the way up to using multi-threading and building GUI and database applications. Also covers C#2.0

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